Trial Status


The study has been closed and the final analyses has commenced.



The most important milestones of the EARNEST trial are listed below:

EARNEST Launch Meeting 22nd to 23rd September 2009
EARNEST Site Initiations 19th November to 23rd January 2011
EARNEST Recruitment Period 1st March 2010 to 29th April 2011
EARNEST First Patient Randomised 12th April 2010 
EARNEST Last Patient Randomised 29th April 2011 
EARNEST Follow-up Period 1st March 2010 to 31st January 2014
EARNEST First Patient Exiting The Trial 17th January 2013  
EARNEST Last Patient Last Visit 31st January 2014
EARNEST Close-Out 31st March 2014
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